Director's Desk

Since the dawn of civilization people have advocated the supremacy of education. Education liberates to human being from restrictions and provides opportunity to think beyond what has been thought and done.

This is why William Shakespeare said 'A child is the father of his father'. History is evidence that in what manner men have progressed and e have reached on another planet and there we are searching for possibilities of existence of human being. We have got sucess to reveal the hidden secrets of the universe, so our education system must be progressive.

Today the modern education system is changing rapidaly. Although this is well known fact that 'change is law of nature and that can never be changed'. But change must have positive aspects. It should have removing qualities of defects. Positive aspects of education must not only adopt but also appreciated and encouraged.

Primary education is the building block of a child's character. The environment of education includes the home, neighbourhood and the society at large. In earlier times the family was supposed to be the primary and the life because fast and complicated the parents began shifting their responsibility to the educational institutions. Thus the role of such type of educational institutions has become sensitive and crucial.

J.P. EDUCATION ACADEMY aims at all round development of a child in such a manner that the child grows into a patriotic, disciplined and self sufficient citizen. We must develop sense of compassion, selfless service to the society and nation and yearning for excellence. It is also aimed that the child must inculcate the habit of living and moral values taught in the academy. We welcome you here, to a world of living in enjoyable ways, to a world where every child is challenged and made capable to grow his or her potential and contribute in the development of the society and country altogether.

Smt. Sandhya Rani Director & Chairperson
(J. P. Education Academy)